RAID Technology for Epos – Spread the Risk of Data Loss in Retail

What is RAID technology? Why would this technology benefit your retail business?

This article aims to make retailers aware of what RAID technology does and how this is important for all retailers regardless of the number of sites or tills they have. Whether you’re a single till site or have multiple tills, RAID technology can benefit your retail business. Continue reading

Solid State Drives (SSD) v Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

When choosing a new Epos system for your retail operations you may be faced with the decision between a SSD drive and HDD drive.  But what is the difference? And which one is best for you? At RMS we want to make you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular type of drive.

SSD stands for solid state drive and is a drive that has no moving parts whereas a hard disk drive (HDD) uses a mechanical arm to move around and read the information on the drive. A SSD instead uses an embedded processor to perform the reading and writing operations.  The non-moving design of an SSD makes them more durable and shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms. While a HDD’s moving parts make them susceptible to shock and damage. Continue reading