RMS supports the Scottish Borders Business Excellence Awards 2017

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RMS is delighted to be supporting the ‘Retailer of the Year‘ category of the Borders Business Excellence Awards 2017. organised by Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce.

In today’s era of immense choice for consumers and increased digitalisation, retail customers are not only discerning about what they want, but are putting new demands on retail customer service, and consequently retailers are having to make extra efforts to meet these consumer requirements and ensure a competitive advantage.

RMS understands the importance of highlighting retailers’ achievements and giving them the recognition they deserve for the hard work they put into growing their business – and also the positive impact that this has on the Scottish Borders community.

In recognising the challenges which all retailers face in exceeding customer expectations, maximising omni-channel capabilities, boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability in all areas of their retail business, RMS works closely with retailers to guide them on how to realise their goals.

Our Cloud managed OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software is a UK market leader in the provision of strategic, innovative, retail-specific solutions that make a positive impact on achieving better retail profits through effective sales, purchasing, stock control, pricing, promotions, loyalty programs, warehousing and web store management.

We are proud to be part of recognising well-deserved work in this vibrant channel and look forward to continuing to work with retailers in the Scottish Borders during the coming year, and supporting them with exciting opportunities to further the growth of their businesses through OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software.

RMS is a UK market leader of EPoS hardware and software solutions enabling your retail operation to win now and in the future.

We care about your business, if you have questions about how your retail business can benefit from our OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software, please contact us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

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The end of the road is in sight for Support on Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System!

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Which way now for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System?

Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System (RMS) has for 12 years represented great value as a complete ‘point of sale’ (POS) solution which could be tailored to meet the unique requirements of small and midsize independent retailers. This powerful software package has provided centralised control to retailers by automating their POS processes and store operations.

Now this is coming to an end in the not too distant future!

Already it is almost two years since it was announced that Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) would be entering the “extended support phase” of its product life cycle. This effectively meant that the popular EPoS software had reached its end of life with Microsoft planning no future development.

In fact, even the existing ‘Extended support’ on Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) will cease to be available on July 13th 2021 by Microsoft.

In this Blog you’ll learn the steps you can take to ensure this does not have a detrimental effect on your business ……..

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Are you meeting the expectations of today’s shoppers?



digital-shoppingWhether they shop online or in person within your store, today’s consumers not only know what they want; they also know when they want it.

Meeting the needs of today’s shoppers helps cement your relationship with them, and makes them more likely to return to you in the expectation of more great service.

Successful retailers are meeting those needs by adopting and offering Omni-channel shopping to their customers.
Omni-channel shopping is all about creating a holistic, consistent and personalised shopping experience.

In this Blog we examine what the consumer needs are in today’s technologically empowered society, how Omni-channel shopping is meeting them, and what that means for the future success of your retail business ……….
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Google Android #Contactless Smartphone Payments to Launch in UK

NFC terminal & phone contactless payment

Tech giant Google has announced it is to launch its #contactless smartphone payments system in the UK.

The system, already available in the US, lets customers with compatible smartphones use their devices to pay at those retailers who have an ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) contactless terminal installed.

Given the huge rise in contactless payments made within retailers, this news is of huge importance to retailers.

We look at why . . . . . . . .

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Can your shop benefit from Cloud-Managed EPoS software?

Discover the benefits of Cloud-Based EPoS

Experts all agree that one of the smartest moves any retailer can make is switching from traditional manually operated sales technology to highly intuitive automated OpSuite Cloud-Managed EPoS (electronic-point-of-sale) software.

We asked a number of our clients for their views. Here are some of the benefits they said they are now receiving……..

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RMS Technicians are Masters of Backup

RMS are proud to announce that their Head of Technical, Andrew, has successfully renewed his MAXfocus Master of Backup certificate and our Support and Installation Technician Tommy has now also passed the Masters of Backup Certification with 100 per cent.


masters of backup

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Why You Should Change Your EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) Software

  1. You need to connect your online business and offline business:-

Retail businesses are often stuck in a world where there brick and mortar business is not updating or being updated by their online business through their POS. Having seamless integration with all your sales channels is a necessity in modern retail. OpSuite EPoS makes it easy for you to run your website by integrating it directly and treats it like any other aspect of your retail enterprise.

  1. A lot of older POS software requires expensive updates:-

Your POS software should always automatically inform you to the newest, most secure and most stable version of updates available. If you have to pay every time you need an update to your software it is a good time to switch and look at more cost effective options.

  1. User experience isn’t up to standard:-

Having an engaging and efficient process at the checkout is vital to customers. If your software is slow and unreliable then both customers and staff will go elsewhere. It is important to have an interface that is fast, reliable and easy to use as there are more important things for retailers to worry about than having a POS terminal that doesn’t meet their standards. OpSuite point of sale demonstrates a more professional image of the store, generating greater customer confidence in your business. It is easier to find information on stock and makes it quicker to locate products or find alternatives. OpSuite Epos also helps your staff sell more. It is quick to find information on items, as well as locate products and find substitutes. Continue reading