EPoS Mail Order and Telephone Orders (MOTO) Module

As a retailer it is important to be able to reach customers and prospects through as many channels as possible. One of the main avenues that retailers wish to optimise but don’t necessarily have the resources to do so is through mail order and telephone orders.  RMS provide a fully integrated, PCI compliant module that handles these kinds of purchases called MOTO.

Using the EPoS MOTO app opens up the telephone and mail order avenue to customers and creates the opportunity to reach a greater number of potential clients outside of your traditional business channels. Continue reading

How the Posiflex JIVA XT Series Improves Efficiency for Retailers

The Posiflex JIVA XT Series is a series of high quality EPoS systems that aim to make your life as a retailer easier.

The three models in the JIXA XT Series include the:

There are three tiers of this EPoS series that range from a more basic model of the XT3215 to the premium and innovative XT4015. These terminals bring a more professional appearance to any retail store as well as being easy to use and reliable. Continue reading