It’s out with Microsoft Dynamics RMS and in with the new!

Twenty years is an absolute lifetime in terms of today’s modern technology and in this article we look at the ‘end of life’ for this highly successful point of sale software. But as the clock ticks away, retailers must move to a new solution before the July 2021 deadline.

As long ago as 2015, Microsoft announced that their retail point of sale solution, or Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System to give it its correct title, would be retiring in 2016. However, whilst the product was then no longer available to new customers, support continues for existing customers until July 2021.

It is now clear that Microsoft Dynamics RMS no longer matches the standards of modern technology and user interface design. In fact, Microsoft announced that their point of sale software has now entered the ‘extended support phase’ of its product life cycle. Sadly, this means that it has reached its end of life, with Microsoft planning no future development for it.

If you are one of the many companies in the UK who are still using Microsoft Dynamics RMS or even Microsoft Dynamics POS2009 which went end of life on the 9th July 2019, you should be planning for and introducing an alternative as soon as possible, and certainly long before the July 2021 ‘end of life’ deadline.

But on a much more positive note, the good news is that we can offer a suite of modern alternatives that will not only match your individual requirements, they will introduce new levels of functionality and flexibility than ever before.

Whatever type or size of business that you are, we have the specialist technology and expertise to deliver the retail solution that works for you.

OpSuite Retail Management Solution is a favourite choice for large or small retailers looking to increase profits, reduce costs, streamline business processes and create a seamless customer buying experience across all touchpoints.

OpSuite is a Cloud-managed EPoS system which will increase your profit margins and give you that extra edge.

A simple to use, intuitive and cost-effective EPoS system that handles your everyday business needs.

RMS-Register comes with functionality specifically designed for small businesses in the retail and hospitality industry.

With customer management, appointment bookings, text reminders to reduce no-shows, commission reports, stock management and a full set of EPOS and reporting functionality RMS-Register is perfect for all types of service and leisure such as salons, clinicians, pubs, restaurants, high street retailers and many more.

“I can honestly say that RMS are, and always have been, the best EPoS IT company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They have always delivered on time, within the initial quotes and often beyond expectation. Having being with RMS for over six years we simply would not use anyone else.”
Mark Burley

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Channel your energy

Do you know the difference between multi-channel and omni-channel retail?

Omni-channel retail delivers a seamless experience for the customer. This means that every way that a customer interacts with a company; whether that’s online, in-store, using a mobile app, via email and more besides, their user experience is fully connected.

To deliver this seamless user experience, retailers must merge their sales with their marketing activity into one central data hub, employing analytics at all levels. But the result is truly customer centric, and by connecting all activities, a seamless customer experience is created. An omni-channel retail experience.

Multi-channel selling is simply selling your products using multiple sales channels. For example, if you sell goods on your website, via a mobile-enabled site, a Facebook Shop and Amazon, then you’re a multi-channel seller. Multi-channel selling reaches buyers on two or more sales channels and these can be connected or not.

What’s the difference?
Multi-channel selling is always part of an omni-channel strategy, but simply selling your products on multiple channels does not create an omni-channel experience. To achieve that, your sales channels, payment methods and other aspects of your business must connect, so that no matter how your customer interacts with your company, the experience is seamless to them.

If you sell to your customers in four ways, you’re already a multi-channel seller. For example, as well as selling via a store, website, mobile app and Facebook Shop, you also have an email and social media marketing strategy that keeps your customers engaged, informed and coming back.

But does that make you an omni-channel retailer? That depends on whether your sales channels and other points of customer engagement all work together.

Here are five questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure:

  1. Can your customers place an online order and select in-store pickup?
  2. Can shoppers click on a sale item in an email to add it to their mobile app shopping list?
  3. Can your retail assistant look up a customer’s mobile app shopping list in-store for them?
  4. Can shoppers log in to your website and see previous purchases, whether that’s in-store, online or via another channel?
  5. Does your loyalty programme update points and rewards to your customer’s mobile app?

An omni-channel retailer can answer yes to each of these questions as all of their sales and marketing engagement is interconnected, creating a seamless customer experience that is the heart of an omni-channel strategy.

In contrast, a multi-channel seller who answers no to the questions is not delivering an omni-channel experience, in fact, they could be creating roadblocks to sales. Managing sales across several channels is great, but the fact remains, shoppers increasingly expect a seamless user experience from all companies, large and small.

How can you connect the multi-channel points to create an omni-channel experience that keeps customers coming back?

  1. Integrate your sales channels
    As outlined above, omni-channel retail is a customer-centric approach to your entire business. To deliver a fully connected user experience, you need to connect as many engagement channels as possible under one roof. The easiest way to start is by connecting your prime engagement points, namely your sales channels.
  2. Integrate your marketing, customer service and fulfilment
    Delivering a seamless user experience starts behind the scenes. The first step is bringing your multi-channel sales data under one roof. From key partners to warehouse staff, everyone needs to understand what omni-channel retail means, how it impacts your customer experience and how it can help you grow.
  3. Omni-channel marketing
    Omni-channel retailers need to shift marketing efforts toward connected experiences, for example, where a customer clicks on a sale item in their email to add it to an app shopping list automatically. Connecting your marketing efforts to customer sales data and online tools like apps creates a seamless experience from the customer’s perspective. That’s the goal of the omni-channel seller.
  4. Omni-channel customer service
    Understanding how and where customer engagement points become sales is integral to any successful omni-channel strategy. As such, your data needs to deliver more than just basic sales information, you need a total picture of the many routes that customers take to complete a sale.

    By tracking multi-channel sales and marketing efforts under one roof, cross-training staff, getting rid of data barriers and using detailed analytics, this helps businesses deliver an omnichannel experience.

OpSuite – The Premier Solution
Since 2004, RMS have been providing retail and hospitality solutions to our diverse range of clients across an equally diverse range of industries. We have the specialist software and management services to enable you to seamlessly make the transition across to omni-channel retail if its right for you and your business.

With the rising demand from customers to interact and buy over multiple touch points, OpSuite Retail Operations Software undoubtedly offers you the premier solution. Whether that’s in-store, using a store kiosk, online, using mobile phones/tablets, catalogues or via customer service sales; your customer now expects a fully connected approach to pricing, promotions and products. Not only does OpSuite provide you with a fully connected user experience for your customers, the software is tailored exactly to your business.

OpSuite is a Cloud managed retail EPoS solution that allows you to efficiently and profitably sell across your multi-channel or omni-channel business touchpoints such as physical store and e-commerce website, all from one system, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Powerful reports, dashboards and alerts ensure confident decision making and planning right across your organisation. OpSuite also enables you to handle customer loyalty and promotional activities with ease and the integrated chip and pin provides secure and fast payments. Handheld devices can be used for mobile shopping, price queries, queue busting at peak times and regular stock taking in-store.

OpSuite can save you valuable time on everyday operations and help you to grow your business in other areas such as search engine optimisation, as well creating high quality relevant links and advising on social networking to help generate business. The OpSuite reporting tools are very comprehensive and allow you to see exactly what has sold where and when, allowing you to manage your products and stock more effectively.

These are just some of the many advantages that OpSuite can bring to you and your business, if you feel that this is a direction you would like to take, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the ‘omni’ benefits of this truly premier retail operations software.

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RMS supports the Scottish Borders Business Excellence Awards 2017

 RMS - Retail Solutions that Work for You


RMS is delighted to be supporting the ‘Retailer of the Year‘ category of the Borders Business Excellence Awards 2017. organised by Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce.

In today’s era of immense choice for consumers and increased digitalisation, retail customers are not only discerning about what they want, but are putting new demands on retail customer service, and consequently retailers are having to make extra efforts to meet these consumer requirements and ensure a competitive advantage.

RMS understands the importance of highlighting retailers’ achievements and giving them the recognition they deserve for the hard work they put into growing their business – and also the positive impact that this has on the Scottish Borders community.

In recognising the challenges which all retailers face in exceeding customer expectations, maximising omni-channel capabilities, boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability in all areas of their retail business, RMS works closely with retailers to guide them on how to realise their goals.

Our Cloud managed OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software is a UK market leader in the provision of strategic, innovative, retail-specific solutions that make a positive impact on achieving better retail profits through effective sales, purchasing, stock control, pricing, promotions, loyalty programs, warehousing and web store management.

We are proud to be part of recognising well-deserved work in this vibrant channel and look forward to continuing to work with retailers in the Scottish Borders during the coming year, and supporting them with exciting opportunities to further the growth of their businesses through OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software.

RMS is a UK market leader of EPoS hardware and software solutions enabling your retail operation to win now and in the future.

We care about your business, if you have questions about how your retail business can benefit from our OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software, please contact us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

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Mobile Computing Devices – The Retailer Benefits

 RMS - Retail Solutions that Work for You


In today’s era of immense choice for consumers and increased digitalisation, retail customers are not only discerning about what they want, but are putting new demands on retail customer service, and when they have made a decision, they want it now.

Brick-and-mortar retailers are not just competing with each other, they are also competing against successful on-line retailers. Compared with a simple and quick purchase from the couch at home, it is especially important for retailers to create faster and simpler ways to make brick-and-mortar purchases.

With the use of mobile devices at the POS, retailers are able to step up to the challenge and satisfy the customer’s need for pre-purchase information whilst in-store, through the integration of all relevant distribution channels.

Today’s retailers need to meet these consumer requirements to ensure a competitive advantage. One of the most important ways an advantage can be acquired is by sales assistants utilising mobile devices in-store. By using them, the sales assistant can get informed more quickly and efficiently, and therefore improve customer service and increase sales turnover.

Read on to discover more on why mobile computing devices can benefit your retail shop. Continue reading

OXD (OpSuite Experience Day), an unmissable EPoS event

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OXD - reserve your place today

Mark your calendar as Out-of-Office on May 17th and attend OXD at Novotel Edinburgh Park.

You are invited to OXD (OpSuite Experience Day), an unmissable EPoS event designed specifically for ambitious independent retailers who are interested in seriously reducing their business overhead costs. 

Be part of this Scottish EPoS event dedicated to helping you explore how you could protect and improve profitability in your retail business through the Automation, and Integration of your Retail Multi or Omni-channel operations. 

The Automation which OpSuite can provide to all areas of your retail business dramatically removes costly manual and duplicated time consuming tasks by integrating all your business operations.

Free sessions will explore how the Automation & Integration Management (AIM) of OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software dramatically removes costly manual and duplicated, time consuming tasks in your business by integrating all your business operations.

At OXD you will learn directly from EPoS experts on how your EPoS system can improve profitability in your retail business. Key sessions including:

• How to lower overheads by reducing man hours on duplicated manual tasks.
• Complete tasks quicker so more can be achieved in a day.
• Quickly produce more accurate reporting of business performance to enable confident, profitable decision making.
• Free up staff so they can focus on enhancing sales and customer service.
• Improve customer service with more efficient transaction processing.
• Save time and money with streamlined control over Purchase Ordering and Payables.

In-store sales, eCommerce sales, purchase orders, pricing, warehousing, distribution, promotions, customer loyalty and reporting can all be integrated into one automatic stress-free management operation across all your shops and eCommerce web-stores.

Join us on this OpSuite Experiential Day and obtain invaluable insights and expert advice on the benefits Automated & Integrated Management (AIM) technology can bring to your business goals of improved profitability.

Plus, view the very latest EPoS hardware technology from Datavan, Epson, Honeywell, HP, SNBC, and Zebra at OXD.

Lunch is on us – come and join us – Reserve your place today at – – and you could win an Aures Yuno EPoS system and other great EPoS products worth over £2000.

We look forward to meeting you there.

If you have any questions about OXD, or the Retail Management Solution Services we provide, please Contact Us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

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Integrate your web-store to your retail shop sales with this ‘OpServices API Developers Guide’.

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Have you ever imagined the benefits you would receive with your eCommerce website fully integrated with all your in-store sales, hires, purchases,
prices, promotions, loyalty programs, warehousing, finance packages and other developments?

Of course you have! Like every ambitious retailer you have a desire to be the best at what you do by constantly being a step ahead of your major competitors.

Well now, through our OpServices API, you really can achieve your goals of streamlining every aspect of your retail operations by integrating OpSuite Retail Management Solution with your eCommerce store and treating sales from it just like sales from any other store within your business.

OpSuite is a Cloud-managed Retail management System with growing implementation across the UK as it epitomises the very latest in EPoS technology representing an opportunity to improve customer in-store experience as well as better systems connectivity.

OpSuite offers extensive functionality to meet a variety of needs for retailers in managing their business. However, as new applications continue to emerge offering even more business process improvement into more and more areas of a retail business you may find yourself asking whether it’s possible to integrate OpSuite with specific third-party applications.

By far the most frequently asked question we receive about OpSuite is, “Does OpSuite integrate with the platform which my web-store sits on?”
The very simple answer is “Yes, it does!

In fact, with OpSuite as your in-Store Retail Management Software and fully integrated with your web-store you will be able to leverage and expand your retail selling time and selling area many times over, increasing business and your overall exposure to consumers near and far.

OpSuite is ‘Open and Ready to Connect’ allowing development to integrate specific areas of your retail business such as ERP/Accountancy systems, Shipping carriers, Warehouse management systems and other bespoke developments.

Isn’t this just what you as an ambitious retailer wants for your business? It’s the Holy Grail of Retail Management Solutions – OpSuite, an innovative Cloud-managed EPoS System integrated with your eCommerce store and treating sales from it just like sales from any other store within your business.

It’s easy to integrate with OpSuite, simply contact RMS today. Call 01750 700 527 or Contact us by email, and as a first step we’ll provide you with our OpSuite ‘OpServices API Developers Guide’.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about your website integration, or the Retail Management Solution Services we provide, please Contact Us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

Should you be considering taking your company forward into the future with an enhanced Retail Management Solution for controlling all aspects of your retail stock and  purchase orders across your multi-channel or Omni-channel business, RMS can work with you to improve back office performance, leading to increased profits for your business.

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

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The end of the road is in sight for Support on Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System!

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Which way now for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System?

Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System (RMS) has for 12 years represented great value as a complete ‘point of sale’ (POS) solution which could be tailored to meet the unique requirements of small and midsize independent retailers. This powerful software package has provided centralised control to retailers by automating their POS processes and store operations.

Now this is coming to an end in the not too distant future!

Already it is almost two years since it was announced that Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) would be entering the “extended support phase” of its product life cycle. This effectively meant that the popular EPoS software had reached its end of life with Microsoft planning no future development.

In fact, even the existing ‘Extended support’ on Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) will cease to be available on July 13th 2021 by Microsoft.

In this Blog you’ll learn the steps you can take to ensure this does not have a detrimental effect on your business ……..

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