Making EPoS Integration Easy: OpSuite Fusion from RMS

In previous blogs, we’ve written about how vital it is for retailers in this extraordinarily challenging business environment to move towards an omnichannel business model. Industry trends were already making this critical, but with the massive increase in online shopping due to Covid-19, it has become essential. Becoming a true omnichannel retailer means integrating your online and offline systems and operations to provide a truly seamless, unified service to your customer, no matter how they wish to purchase from you.

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OpSuite Fusion: Maximising operational efficiency for Omnichannel Retailers

The retail landscape has experienced a colossal shift towards omnichannel in the last 12 months. The Covid-19 pandemic saw high street retailers close for a large portion of 2020 and currently a significant part of 2021. For many bricks and mortar businesses, this has necessitated a move towards an omnichannel bricks and clicks model.

Not only has online shopping become a necessity, it has become a habit for consumers. Retailers who have not yet made the leap to omnichannel, may find that while the return to the high street will undoubtedly bring a welcome boost to business, it may not be as fruitful as it once was. The high street may be making a comeback, but for the ambitious retailer, eCommerce has become a necessity.

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