Why Leasing is a Sound Investment

Never has the preservation of working capital been so important in retail. After over a year of lockdowns, restrictions and curbs to free movement (not to mention Brexit!), conserving cash has been a priority for every UK business owner. However, restrictions have also meant that businesses have had to invest in new equipment to ensure covid-19 safety for their employees and their customers, including screens, hand sanitizer and queuing solutions, among other safety measures. If you have had to invest heavily in covid-19 related safety solutions, you may have put your requirements for new EPoS hardware on the back burner, but have you considered leasing your new EPoS equipment?

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EPoS Leasing and Finance Options for Retailers

Considering EPoS for your retail outlet or upgrading your current system, but not sure how to finance it? Sometimes the capital investment of implementing an effective EPoS system can be a concern for retailers.

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to provide you with some great information on the finance and leasing options that are provided to retailers when considering this investment. Having had a detailed discussion with Jon from Bluestar Leasing we thought we would share a Q and A with you in order to help retailers better understand the options they have available to them.

 bluestar leasing and finance for retailers

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