Verifone Installation Exam Passed

A massive congratulations to our IT Support and Install Technician Tommy for passing the Verifone installation accreditation exam which now certifies him to carry out Verifone installations.

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The Rise of Contactless Card Payments

Contactless payment has now been around in the UK for several years, first being introduced by Barclaycard in 2008 and 5 years later there were approximately 32.5 million contactless enabled cards in the UK and over 147,000 terminals in use. Initially this technology was in the background of payment methods in retail but now in 2015 it is rising to become a mainstream part of retail payment methods with 51% of all contactless payments being made in the retail sector.

Contactless for retail is maturing and fast becoming a very popular payment method within the UK. The most appealing reason for retailers to implement contactless payments is that it enables quick and convenient transactions. Continue reading

Super fast VX820 PCI DSS compliant chip and pin device!

Following our continued success in helping our clients stay PCI-DSS compliant, RMS offer a super fast PCI DSS compliant chip and pin device by way of the Verifone VX820! Coupled with our industry leading integration, recent benchmarks at RMS HQ Lab have recorded card authorisation through to the transaction finalising in less than 1 second!  Continue reading