Retail footfall continues to grow as warm weather and public holidays create perfect spending conditions

Recent figures on high street footfall around the UK show a rise of nearly 12% week-on week since the warm weather began, while out of town shopping centres saw between 2% and 9% increase, indicating the return to the high street is now in full swing.  And, if you’re based in a tourist hot spot, it gets even better with a rise of between 24% and 38% in retail footfall in the last couple of weeks.

The recent warm weather, combined with a two-bank holiday month and pent-up lockdown demand appears to be intensifying the desire to get out and spend.

Springboard’s Insights Director, Diane Wehrle, agrees: “A combination of the late May bank holiday, incredible weather and the school half term holiday had a hugely beneficial effect on customer activity in UK retail destinations.”

With so-called staycations on the rise, it seems that more and more consumers are planning to spend their hard earned cash in the UK this summer, as foreign travel restrictions continue to fluctuate unpredictably.

The popularity of staycations is also affecting supplies of garden and homeware as consumers continue to opt for home improvements over and above expensive holidays.  With camping also on the rise, tents and other outdoor equipment are now in short supply. Combined with the two-week blockage of the Suez Canal in March which is still having a knock-on effect on imports into the UK, retailers are set for record sales, and stock shortages, in these areas.

If you’re a retailer with multiple sites, you may be struggling to manage your stock between locations. OpSuite’s retail management solution will help you to control your stock effectively, allowing you to allocate inventory from your central warehouse to whichever outlet requires it most, ensuring you don’t over or undersell. And, if you sell online too, you can manage your eCommerce and bricks and mortar products from one piece of software.

If you’d like to see the system in action, get in touch with our team and request a demo. We’ll show you how to make best use of stock allocations to cope with the increased demand and supply shortages.  Call 0800 138 0050 for more information or book your demo here.

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