On the cards: How to ensure that your business can process card payments securely and reliably

Dojo powered by Paymentsense card reader

In 2017, the UK passed a significant milestone. It was during this year that debit card payments overtook cash payments for the first time, with consumers using their debit cards 13.2 billion times, including 5.6 billion contactless payments. Since then, this trend has only continued, and cash payments are projected to keep on falling for the foreseeable future. By 2028, it is predicted that cash will only account for 9% of transactions.

This is incredibly significant for retailers, big and small, online or offline. With card payments becoming more and more common, and payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay growing in popularity, it is absolutely vital that your business can handle these in an efficient, secure and reliable way.

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Reaping the Rewards: Things to Consider when Setting up a Retail Loyalty Scheme

In-store loyalty card

Customer loyalty is one of the most valuable assets you can have, and engaged, loyal customers can be some of your brand’s most influential advocates. As such, it is well worth investing time and money in acquiring, consolidating and growing customer loyalty. Retail loyalty schemes are a powerful and proven way of doing this, and although there is a cost involved in setting them up, it’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

The benefits are many, as we’ve discussed previously, but ultimately the primary goal of any loyalty programme is to boost customer retention. In addition to this, they are an invaluable way of providing you with vital information about your customer base.

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