The RMS Guide to Becoming A Retailer, Part 1: Do you know what to sell?

picking a product

At RMS, we talk to many people looking to start retail businesses asking for advice. Becoming a retailer is a long journey with many factors so we thought it would be best to start a series covering each of the core aspects of becoming a retailer from product, location and marketing to hiring, legal and stock control.

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Black Friday 2018: What Retailers Have to Consider


Black Friday – the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday – has become a huge global retail phenomenon and like many aspects of American culture goes far beyond the borders of the US mainland.

In the UK alone in 2017 Black Friday saw an 11.7% increase in year on year online sales – bringing the amount spent to £1.4Bn.

As Black Friday and other consumer festivals become increasingly inevitable for retailers we’ve provided a few considerations for retailers and whether or not they should participate in the holiday.

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