RMS Partners with Blue Diamond Ltd to Provide Environmentally Friendly Retail Solutions



Selkirk-based retail systems experts RMS have been awarded a 100 + EPOS hardware contract from Guernsey-based Blue Diamond Ltd to support them in scaling & modernising their operation, making their operation more cost-effective. The contract includes 100 + environmentally friendly, battery-free Honeywell 1202g barcode scanners.

Jim Lenaghan, Managing Director of RMS said, “We are delighted to partner with Blue Diamond Ltd to deliver over 100 Aures Yuno EPOS systems with battery-free Honeywell 1202g barcode scanners to support their growing business. We’ve been in the EPOS industry for 14 years now and we’re seeing some trends emerge recently: consumers are more discerning and want retailers to prove their environmentally friendly credentials while some retailers are seeing a squeeze in profits. That’s why we seek to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly retail solutions, like the Aures Yuno and Honeywell barcode scanner.”

The Honeywell barcode scanners use supercapacitors instead of traditional lithium-ion batteries. Eliminating the battery results in a green, environmentally friendly scanner that frees organisations from having to purchase, maintain and properly dispose of batteries.

Blue Diamond Ltd’s Finance Director, Richard Hemans, said, “We were looking for new EPOS hardware to support our growth programme and, after looking around, we were delighted to partner with RMS again for the delivery of these systems. The user-friendliness of the Aures EPOS system and the environmental credentials of the Honeywell scanner were an ideal fit for our business.”

About RMS

RMS have been helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses for over 14 years with their tailor-made EPoS systems.

RMS provide solutions for ambitious businesses of all sizes, from all verticals across retail, hospitality and leisure. Their access to a vast range of hardware & software ensures that their customers get the best solution depending on their budget and business requirements.

About the Blue Diamond Group

The Blue Diamond Group is the second largest garden centre retail group in the UK and Channel Islands and is continuing to grow as shown by its recent acquisition of 9 new garden centres from Wyevale Garden Centres.

Their customers know that they can rely on them to offer a genuine point of difference, coupled with excellent choice and the highest standards.

The Garden Centres are renowned as some of the best in the country and have won many retailing and restaurant awards.

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