Why You Should Consider A Card Printer For Your Business

rms---card-printerSocial-PostWhen is a card printer suitable for my business?

When a business looks to buy print materials, there is a tradeoff between investing in a printer and printing in-house or using an external printing service. For most companies, external print shops will always be more cost effective as they’ll never print enough to justify the spend on a printer.

When it comes to plastic card printer, however, there are additional considerations a business has to take into account. Plastic card printers offer flexibility, multiple use cases and often are used for small batches or individual cards.

Here are some reasons why your business should consider a plastic card printer.

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The Future of Barcode Scanners: Honeywell Battery Free


At RMS, we’re delighted to be suppliers of the Honeywell battery-free barcode scanner range, including the Voyager 1202g-bf and the Xenon 1902g-bf, which we believe represent a true innovation in the field of retail devices.

Instead of using traditional Lithium-ion batteries, which have environmental and ethical concerns and require staff-hours to maintain their recharge and replace cycles, the Honeywell battery-free barcode scanner uses supercapacitor technology.

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