Are you managing your retail stock the hard way?

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The hard way of managing your retail stock normally costs you in time and effort, produces frustration and errors, often involves rework and unnecessary conflict, and generally gives you poor results.

Does this sound like the situation within your retail business? Yes? Then ask yourself, as an intelligent person with an abundance of common sense who is building a business to generate a good lifestyle for you and your family, why consciously decide to jeopardise the realisation of your lifestyle goals by managing your retail stock the hard way?

far too busy to changeWell, sometimes it may have come about due to circumstances at a previous stage of the business’s development which prevented you from planning effectively or assessing the quality of the way in which you were going to manage your retail stock.

There are several other reasons, but fortunately there is a far easier and more effective way to manage your retail stock and overcome them.

In this Blog we examine the easier and more effective way to managing your retail stock to ensure you are not a prisoner to your business ………………

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Is your retail shop ready for the universal use of 2D barcodes?

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From the deliveries you receive to the products you sell in your shop, barcodes make your life as a retailer easier in many ways.

Barcodes eventually became omnipresent in the commercial environment during in the 1980’s.

standard barcodeSince then the style of barcodes has hardly changed at all: They still resemble a zebra pattern of stripes with numbers written underneath and need a scanner device to decode them.

Now this is all changing fast as the 2D barcode – a 2nd-generation of barcode technology – moves steadily into every aspect of your life.

We take a closer look below at how it all works…..

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