Verifone Installation Exam Passed

A massive congratulations to our IT Support and Install Technician Tommy for passing the Verifone installation accreditation exam which now certifies him to carry out Verifone installations.

VeriFone Logo

Having completed his course in London, Tommy has now received his certificate from Verifone. Meaning he will be able to carry out installations of Verifone’s VX820 terminals as part of RMS’ Integrated Credit Card Processing.

The Verifone solution provided by RMS is ideal for ambitious retailers that are looking for a powerful and efficient device that allows them to meet the ever developing demands of today’s customers. With its high resolution 3.5″ colour touch screen and illuminated backlight keypad, the Verifone VX820 is incredibly reliable, readable and easiliy usable – ensuring your staff can easily process transactions. You can also use the VX820 to drive customer loyalty by displaying promotions and messages on the device; tempting consumers to increase their spend at the point of sale.

VX820 PIN Pad

With our Verifone solution retailers can easily enable contactless payments of up to £30.00 for faster and more efficient transactions. Contactless for retail is maturing and is fast becoming a popular payment method because of its quick and convenient process for both retailers and consumers.  Additionally RMS have now fully tested the Verifone solution with an Apple iPhone for Apple pay; adding another exciting and efficient payment channel to the integrated credit card processing solution.

If you would like to find out more about how OpSuite cloud managed EPoS can transform your retail business with its Integrated Credit Card Processing then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. And once again well done to Tommy for this achievement.

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