How EPoS Can Help You Reduce Your Surplus Stock

As a retailer do you find using promotions to be over complicated? Well it doesn’t have to be.  With the right EPoS software, promotions can be easy to manage. By setting up promotions retailers can dispose of surplus stock at pre-determined times of the year that would usually not sell through.

As many retailers know, holding too much stock can be detrimental to the success of the business. Holding large volumes of stock that aren’t selling can incur greater costs such as storage fees – storage facilities require workers to categorise, organise and transport items from one place to another. Furthermore, high levels of inventory can lead to higher insurance costs. Additionally retailers can be left with large quantities of stock that are no longer desired by consumers if items become obsolete or customer demands begin to shift.

Because it is crucial that retailers don’t miss out on profitable sales by not stocking enough goods it is important that there is a solution to the negative aspects of holding too much inventory.  This is where sales promotions become an extremely useful tool.

OpSuite Promotions and Loyalty

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Why You Should Change Your EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) Software

  1. You need to connect your online business and offline business:-

Retail businesses are often stuck in a world where there brick and mortar business is not updating or being updated by their online business through their POS. Having seamless integration with all your sales channels is a necessity in modern retail. OpSuite EPoS makes it easy for you to run your website by integrating it directly and treats it like any other aspect of your retail enterprise.

  1. A lot of older POS software requires expensive updates:-

Your POS software should always automatically inform you to the newest, most secure and most stable version of updates available. If you have to pay every time you need an update to your software it is a good time to switch and look at more cost effective options.

  1. User experience isn’t up to standard:-

Having an engaging and efficient process at the checkout is vital to customers. If your software is slow and unreliable then both customers and staff will go elsewhere. It is important to have an interface that is fast, reliable and easy to use as there are more important things for retailers to worry about than having a POS terminal that doesn’t meet their standards. OpSuite point of sale demonstrates a more professional image of the store, generating greater customer confidence in your business. It is easier to find information on stock and makes it quicker to locate products or find alternatives. OpSuite Epos also helps your staff sell more. It is quick to find information on items, as well as locate products and find substitutes. Continue reading