Internet Access Redundancy for Retailers

We wanted to share our thoughts on the importance of having a redundancy procedure in place for internet downtime.  We know that for retailers it is essential to have a fail-safe internet connection but what is the best way to ensure this is the case?

Firstly it’s important to look at exactly what redundancy is and why it’s important for retailers to consider implementing a procedure. Redundancy is quite simply “the duplication of components in electronic or mechanical equipment so that operations can continue following failure of a part”.

Internet Redundancy for Retailers

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Retailers Against Crime Q and A

I recently attended a seminar where Maxine Fraser of Retailers Against Crime discussed the services that the organisation offer, and I thought I would share with you the insightful information we found out about how Retailers Against Crime support retailers across the UK.

Maxine has kindly provided a Q and A below for retailers as to why she feels it is important to be a member of Retailers Against Crime and what it is they can do for you. Continue reading