Tip of the Spam Berg

At our daily RMS team meeting we were discussing the audacity and accuracy of a recent but small surge of well-crafted spoofed emails popping into our inboxes, there was a collective cry “let’s check our Blocked Email & SPAM activity”. On the whole SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) has steadily been an increasing nuisance now for a number of years…..but the figures really do put the volumes into perspective!

spam blog 2013 1

One service always of great interest is a cloud based email filtering solution, when instead of fronting the battle at your own edge gives you a host of adavntages.



The figures show the stark reality of threats and junk we as businesses are facing! As we look at the figures in a little more detail you really begin to get a sense of just how, as it has done here at RMS the potential savings in time, money, onsite storage from you, and significant bandwidth savings.

spam blog 2013 2

spam blog 2013 3

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