Retail Considerations for Opening Delicatessens & Farm Shops


Starting a farm shop or delicatessen is a great way to cater for customers looking for fresh, high-quality food produce. However, with both freshness and quality required and discerning customers being the norm several retail challenges need to be overcome for your shop to become successful:

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7 Key Considerations for Restaurant EPOS

7 key considerations

Opening a restaurant requires an immense amount of decision making. From menu to décor to food suppliers to waste management to hygiene and food safety processes to staffing, this is a daunting task for any entrepreneur. The friction involved in running a restaurant can be seriously reduced with the help of an excellent EPOS system. Your restaurant’s EPOS system needs to do more than take orders and print receipts. By streamlining your processes and improving your guest’s experience an excellent EPOS is at the core of a successful restaurant.

Here are 7 key considerations to make when purchasing an EPOS for your restaurant:

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Why You Should Consider A Card Printer For Your Business

rms---card-printerSocial-PostWhen is a card printer suitable for my business?

When a business looks to buy print materials, there is a tradeoff between investing in a printer and printing in-house or using an external printing service. For most companies, external print shops will always be more cost effective as they’ll never print enough to justify the spend on a printer.

When it comes to plastic card printer, however, there are additional considerations a business has to take into account. Plastic card printers offer flexibility, multiple use cases and often are used for small batches or individual cards.

Here are some reasons why your business should consider a plastic card printer.

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The Future of Barcode Scanners: Honeywell Battery Free


At RMS, we’re delighted to be suppliers of the Honeywell battery-free barcode scanner range, including the Voyager 1202g-bf and the Xenon 1902g-bf, which we believe represent a true innovation in the field of retail devices.

Instead of using traditional Lithium-ion batteries, which have environmental and ethical concerns and require staff-hours to maintain their recharge and replace cycles, the Honeywell battery-free barcode scanner uses supercapacitor technology.

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Opening a successful shop in 2018: winning on retail experience

7 tips

There’s no denying that starting a retail business in the UK in 2018 is more difficult than it has ever been before. With major brands like Toys’ R ‘ US and Maplin closing entirely, other brands like House of Fraser and Carphone Warehouse consolidating and two pubs closing every day – you’d be inclined to think the outlook is all doom and gloom. Fortunately, it’s not all bad news as the CBI showed robust retail results for July, fast-fashion retailer H&M plans to open 425 new stores globally and coffee shops are growing 7.3% year-on-year.

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Were you one of our winners in the RMS online Christmas competition to win an Aures Yuno EPoS System bundle worth over £1,200! along with some terrific runners up prizes of Aures EPoS products?

The RMS website was inundated with entrants to the competition throughout December and we had great fun drawing the winners.

The list of winners can be found on the RMS website here.

Please feel free to share this Blog article with you colleagues to let them know who the winners were!

RMS regularly runs competitions with fantastic EPoS hardware prizes to be won for your business. If you would like to be notified when the next one starts, let us know here.

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Preventive Maintenance Protects Your EPoS Investment

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We all have a tendency to think of not fixing problems until something is broken.

But when it comes to high value business assets like an EPoS system, the point where something goes wrong is already too late.

Downtime leads to lost productivity, lost sales, lost profits – all round BIG damage to your business.

Like taking your car for an MoT or service, or going to your GP for a routine check-up, preventative maintenance is about proactively ensuring that your EPoS system is always in good working order.

This both helps to catch any potential problems before they can escalate into something which does real damage, and to keep the system fine tuned and performing at its optimum.

Read on to discover Five reasons why it’s important for your retail business to have a preventive maintenance contract in place for your EPoS system.

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