The Future of Barcode Scanners: Honeywell Battery Free


At RMS, we’re delighted to be suppliers of the Honeywell battery-free barcode scanner range, including the Voyager 1202g-bf and the Xenon 1902g-bf, which we believe represent a true innovation in the field of retail devices.

Instead of using traditional Lithium-ion batteries, which have environmental and ethical concerns and require staff-hours to maintain their recharge and replace cycles, the Honeywell battery-free barcode scanner uses supercapacitor technology.

“Supercapacitors store energy electrostatically on the surface of a conducting material. This contrasts with Lithium-ion, Lead-acid and other batteries, which produce power through a chemical reaction” – Honeywell, “Introducing a Green option for barcode scanning”.

Supercapacitors vs. Batteries


By using supercapacitive materials and by storing the potential energy on the surface of them, supercapacitors discharge and recharge energy much more quickly than Lithium-ion batteries, which transfer Lithium ions between different crystalline materials by using a slow redox reaction. While both supercapacitors and batteries can be made from toxic heavy metals, there is great progress toward using more and more environmentally friendly materials in supercapacitors, such as graphene.

There are many advantages from a technical perspective when using a supercapacitor over a battery. For instance, they maintain a long cycle lifetime—they can be cycled hundreds of thousands of times with a minimal change in performance. A supercapacitor’s lifetime spans 10 to 20 years. They charge in seconds and deliver energy at temperatures as low as 40C.

The Problem with Batteries

Initially developed for commercial usage by Sony in 1991, Lithium-ion batteries have a long and controversial history including a price-fixing scandal and ethical concerns over the mining on the nickel and cobalt used in them. They have a significant environmental impact in relation to their short life cycle. While they can be recycled, they generally aren’t due to the low yield from the recycling process. They are at the core of our mobile phones, the devices we use most, yet have exploded on the consumers who trust them. Minimising your business’ use of Li-ion batteries is a strong statement about caring about the environment.


Supercapacitor vs. Battery Barcode Scanners

Traditional barcode scanners use lithium-ion batteries that typically work for a full 8 hour-shift before requiring a recharge. As the discharge/recharge cycle erodes the battery, Li-ion batteries typically lose capacity and require replacement after 500 cycles. To add further complications, many barcode scanners do not use typical consumer batteries and require specialist replacements delivered from the supplier.

On the other hand, supercapacitors were originally developed in the 1950s to power large military vehicles, primarily tanks and submarines. They’ve had large-scale applications over the past half-century but there has been difficulty scaling them down to power handheld devices.

Honeywell has adapted and refined supercapacitor technology to work at the handheld scale. The lifecycle of a supercapacitor is such that it will never need to be replaced during the typical life of a barcode scanner (10 years+).  Typically, a battery-powered scanner would require £60 – £100 worth of battery replacements during a standard product lifespan.

From an environmental perspective, negating the use and disposal of heavy metals, a battery-free barcode scanner’s carbon footprint is internalised in its manufacturing and subsequent recharging. A battery powered scanner has to account for the manufacturing, shipping and charging or various replacement batteries.

So, in addition to being more environmentally friendly, a supercapacitor-powered scanner saves on several business expenses:

  • The cost of battery replacements (and the environmental impact of the manufacturing and shipping of those batteries)
  • The handling and recycling of Li-ion batteries
  • The labour time involved in replacing batteries

Honeywell battery-free scanners can scan up to 450 barcodes on a single charge and take less than 60 seconds to recharge over a powered USB connection. Additionally, the scanners use Bluetooth Low Energy Class 2 to provide a 10-meter wireless range.

We firmly believe that supercapacitor powered scanners are the future of barcode scanning and are delighted to supply them to our customers. 

Read more about Honeywell powered battery scanners their product pages:
Honeywell Voyager 1202g-Bf Battery-Free Wireless Laser Scanner

Honeywell Xenon 1902g SR Cordless Battery-Free Wireless Area-Imager Scanner


Opening a successful shop in 2018: winning on retail experience

7 tips

There’s no denying that starting a retail business in the UK in 2018 is more difficult than it has ever been before. With major brands like Toys’ R ‘ US and Maplin closing entirely, other brands like House of Fraser and Carphone Warehouse consolidating and two pubs closing every day – you’d be inclined to think the outlook is all doom and gloom. Fortunately, it’s not all bad news as the CBI showed robust retail results for July, fast-fashion retailer H&M plans to open 425 new stores globally and coffee shops are growing 7.3% year-on-year.

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Were you one of our winners in the RMS online Christmas competition to win an Aures Yuno EPoS System bundle worth over £1,200! along with some terrific runners up prizes of Aures EPoS products?

The RMS website was inundated with entrants to the competition throughout December and we had great fun drawing the winners.

The list of winners can be found on the RMS website here.

Please feel free to share this Blog article with you colleagues to let them know who the winners were!

RMS regularly runs competitions with fantastic EPoS hardware prizes to be won for your business. If you would like to be notified when the next one starts, let us know here.

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Preventive Maintenance Protects Your EPoS Investment

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RMS - Retail Solutions that Work for You





We all have a tendency to think of not fixing problems until something is broken.

But when it comes to high value business assets like an EPoS system, the point where something goes wrong is already too late.

Downtime leads to lost productivity, lost sales, lost profits – all round BIG damage to your business.

Like taking your car for an MoT or service, or going to your GP for a routine check-up, preventative maintenance is about proactively ensuring that your EPoS system is always in good working order.

This both helps to catch any potential problems before they can escalate into something which does real damage, and to keep the system fine tuned and performing at its optimum.

Read on to discover Five reasons why it’s important for your retail business to have a preventive maintenance contract in place for your EPoS system.

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As a retailer you have worked hard throughout 2017 delivering a great product offering, compelling marketing activities and wonderful customer service in order to ensure a higher level of footfall in your retail business.

Would you now like to get your 2018 trading off to a successful start by winning a brand new AURES YUNO EPoS SYSTEM?

To celebrate 2017 as its most successful year of trading yet, RMS is giving you the chance to win a fantastic

Enter this FREE competition now for a chance to win an AURES YUNO EPoS HARDWARE BUNDLE and get your 2018 retail trading off to a successful start.


Please feel free to share this competition blog with your colleagues to increase the chances of your business winning!

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RMS supports the Scottish Borders Business Excellence Awards 2017

 RMS - Retail Solutions that Work for You


RMS is delighted to be supporting the ‘Retailer of the Year‘ category of the Borders Business Excellence Awards 2017. organised by Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce.

In today’s era of immense choice for consumers and increased digitalisation, retail customers are not only discerning about what they want, but are putting new demands on retail customer service, and consequently retailers are having to make extra efforts to meet these consumer requirements and ensure a competitive advantage.

RMS understands the importance of highlighting retailers’ achievements and giving them the recognition they deserve for the hard work they put into growing their business – and also the positive impact that this has on the Scottish Borders community.

In recognising the challenges which all retailers face in exceeding customer expectations, maximising omni-channel capabilities, boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability in all areas of their retail business, RMS works closely with retailers to guide them on how to realise their goals.

Our Cloud managed OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software is a UK market leader in the provision of strategic, innovative, retail-specific solutions that make a positive impact on achieving better retail profits through effective sales, purchasing, stock control, pricing, promotions, loyalty programs, warehousing and web store management.

We are proud to be part of recognising well-deserved work in this vibrant channel and look forward to continuing to work with retailers in the Scottish Borders during the coming year, and supporting them with exciting opportunities to further the growth of their businesses through OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software.

RMS is a UK market leader of EPoS hardware and software solutions enabling your retail operation to win now and in the future.

We care about your business, if you have questions about how your retail business can benefit from our OpSuite Retail Management Solution EPoS software, please contact us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

You can also follow RMS on Social Media for all the latest information on the great benefits, features and deals on EPoS Hardware.

Mobile Computing Devices – The Retailer Benefits

 RMS - Retail Solutions that Work for You


In today’s era of immense choice for consumers and increased digitalisation, retail customers are not only discerning about what they want, but are putting new demands on retail customer service, and when they have made a decision, they want it now.

Brick-and-mortar retailers are not just competing with each other, they are also competing against successful on-line retailers. Compared with a simple and quick purchase from the couch at home, it is especially important for retailers to create faster and simpler ways to make brick-and-mortar purchases.

With the use of mobile devices at the POS, retailers are able to step up to the challenge and satisfy the customer’s need for pre-purchase information whilst in-store, through the integration of all relevant distribution channels.

Today’s retailers need to meet these consumer requirements to ensure a competitive advantage. One of the most important ways an advantage can be acquired is by sales assistants utilising mobile devices in-store. By using them, the sales assistant can get informed more quickly and efficiently, and therefore improve customer service and increase sales turnover.

Read on to discover more on why mobile computing devices can benefit your retail shop. Continue reading